Where did you get the picture in your icon from? It's an awesome picture!:)

I found it over the summer! It was taken during one of his summer shows. I wish I could remember whos it was! I’m sorry, but I think It was posted on here :)

I remember that ‘cry - yourself - to - sleep feeling. I was the awkward music dork. But I’m totally happy to say I still am. I’m way awkward, and I’m weird, and that’s very cool with me.




Reblog if you’re going to marry Hunter Hayes

I really do hope of one of you guys do end up marrying hunter


I want you to know something very important, if I may. I’m just a 22 year old kid who’s been dreaming about this in Louisiana and I’ve been, I remember in middle school, high school, like my whole life I had this crazy, like really quite honestly quite weird dream right? I wanted to grow up, I wanted to play music, and I wanted to do shows in arenas right? And you can imagine how weird I felt having that dream, having that all I thought about was being on the road, and getting to do something like this. Exactly what I’m looking at right now is what I dreamed about every day, every night, this right here. And despite all that dreaming you know it’s very easy to not believe in your own dreams, you know, cause they seem pretty crazy, they seem pretty far off you know what I mean? And you feel kinda ridiculous at the end of the day, you have this feeling of, for lack of a better term, invisible, right? And I guess what I’m trying to say, what I wanna leave with you, if I could say anything to leave with you, I want you to know, we’ll for whatever it’s worth, I can tell you every single one of you in this room has made a dream come true and you’ve proven that the crazy things can happen, crazy dreams can happen, and you’ve proven that there is no reason not to believe in yourself. You’ve proven, you all have shown tonight by being here, whether you know it or not, you’ve said to me that I have now, like I’ve got a place, I feel like I’ve got a home, I fit in now thanks to you guys. So god bless you for that. I want you to know how blessed I am that you guys showed up, that you guys stayed, you guys have been rocking with us all night, you’ve been singing, you’ve been jumping up and down, this has been a dream come true and again thank you, thank you, thank you so much. Thank you.


@ShayMooney: Great hang with @edsheeran last night [x]


@ShayMooneyGreat hang with last night [x]

Hunter Hayes


I’m posting this for people to listen to, not download.  Please buy it from iTunes (or Amazon…or wherever you buy you’re music).  

btw I LOVE the nanana parts, they’re so cute!!!!

People think you’re crazy if you talk about things they don’t understand.
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I’m blasting my music so I won’t hear my thoughts, but the lyrics just remind me of what I’m trying to forget.


There should be a pause button for life. Like you just press a button and time freezes and you could go do anything you want without worrying about anything and just have a bunch of fun

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Hunter Hayes performing ‘Invisible' at the 49th ACM Awards x

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